Sunday, 3 February 2019

The Stour Valley list for 2019 stands at 100 species so far.
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February 3rd

Not a great deal around at Grove/Stodmarsh at the moment with most birds out by 8.00am. There were no sign of the family of Bewick's Swans this weekend but a ringtail Hen Harrier showed well from the Ramp while 11 Marsh Harriers left roost including a female that appeared to have white wing tags but, on better and closer views the white 'tags' were actually white feathering, more prominent on the left wing (a strange look). Today Sue, Chiddy and I decided to spend some time in the Trenleypark Wood complex in search of two hard to get species. Chiddy encountered one of these early on but Sue and I missed it but, hopefully we will catch up with Marsh Tit on another visit. Five species of Tit, 2 Woodcock, 5 Common Buzzards and 3 species of Woodpecker including the most sought after Lesser-spotted with a displaying pair ranging quite widely. An excellent morning.

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  1. You guys helped me last year to find the LSWoodpecker and am very pleased they were on show again on a fair-weather February morning. It was a toss-up for me strangely visit the Stour Valley/Dengewoods or go after the drake Smew at Dunge (which fortunately resulted). Next weekend weather permitting I will heading to the Valley instead! Well done on the brilliant Valley ticks! Chris Gillard